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Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I Did This Weekend

I went back to Monkey Beach.

"Mummy, how 'bout we call it

'Butterfly Beach' instead?"
"Why?" I asked.
"Because there are so
many butterflies here. And I don't see any monkeys.

"The monkeys are in the jungle," I told him, while thinking that he was also right, in fact last weekend I saw a Japanese guy with a butterfly net walking around quietly. It was the second most wonderful Saturday after a long time. There at the beach, only the sun, sea and sands accompany. And at about ten in the morning, there were hardly any others around. This is a place I will definitely visit often, I thought. Never mind the 2 hours that it takes to get there - 2 hours in KL would only take me in and out of noise and chaos!

Before we left, my son, mother (who has athma!!), my younger brother and I climbed all the way up to the light house; and I did my best to catch up with my son who went running almost all the way down!

Love it! Life at its premium blue and green.


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