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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Vacation After 13 Years ???!

After almost 2 years of talking to friends about this trip, finally I am in Kuwait International Airport - en route to London (LHR) - Paris - Barcelona - Granada - Lisbon - Madrid - Paris - Glasgow - Edinburgh - LHR. And then back home, of course.
Yesterday, I wasn't even sure that the plans would come through - what with the Court not granting an adjournment initially - and then racing from Sungai Petani to Alor Setar airport - my flight was due to depart at 9.20 to KLIA and I arrived to check in at almost 8.45pm! Talk about stress!!
Our group consists of 10 : 5 adults, 5 children - equal in number in gender! We had basically purchased most of the main tickets online and printed them on our own, so we are carrying a folder full of the printed tickets.
Our flight by Kuwait Air departs from KLIA at 03:15 (local) and we had flown-in each independently to meet and gather there. From KLIA our first overnight destination would be London, to get on the Eurostar to Paris on 1.10.2011. If only the rest of my group had known that I had only searched and booked our accommodation in London on my way to Alor Setar Airport (I think it was somewhere in Pendang - on the highway)!!
Oh well, wifi is not so good here so will post the pictures later.. Salam!
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