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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Attending Conference in Hong Kong

After my part-heard yesterday in Alor Setar I had to loiter around waiting for the cd of recordings of the trial. So I end up leaving Alor Setar at about 4. Managed to get some work done and letters printed at the Bar Room in between, Alhamdulillah. 

I reached Sg Petani at 5.30.. My travel agent was panicking. We quickly booked tickets and accommodation.  Chris learnt a few things from me! Haha! She said the way I was so cool (of course that was just her impression! She didn't know my insides were numb!) was as if I was driving to Hong Kong instead of taking the next flight at 9.55pm! 

I left Chris's place almost at 6 something, she was seriously shooing me away... Poor thing. I detoured to Hassani to buy currency before leaving to Penang Airport. Arrived just in time, and still managed to have a quick bite at Mc D. 

After a refreshing shower (SGD10, towel provided) at transit in Changi's Rainforest Lounge, I made it to Hong Kong at 10.25am on 5/7. I felt great. And then things went a bit unexpected. Leaving Lantau Island on the airport express to Central/Hong Kong, and then taking the MRT to Causeway Bay somehow took forever, getting out from the rapid transit system onto the road and after that queuing for taxi was even longer, and the end result was reaching the venue well after lunch.. Sigh..very disappointing indeed. 

What's great however was the view from the hotel and the fact that though the room was small as expected (it's Hong Kong!), there was a Muslim pizzeria and fruit/flower/vegetable market just around the corner! So dinner was a huuuuge piece of pizza (sorry, no pic ;-)) and an apple. Grocery and Watsons was practically next door, and the great Times Square was 5 minutes away to walk to. Not bad for a first time in HK!

Well, here are some pictures..


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